Video Licks: Hideout Online Presents The Premiere of ‘Legally Not Allowed to Leave the Room’ 10.2

Video Licks: Hideout Online Presents The Premiere of ‘Legally Not Allowed to Leave the Room’ 10.2
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Imagine if you will an indie movie is made, which by all accounts, is a miracle in and of itself. Said movie then earns a cult reputation as “the Citizen Kane of bad movies.” A memoir of the making of the movie, is eventually written and published. A famous actor (whose names rhymes with Flames Janko) stars in and directs a film of the same title based on the book. This film goes on to receive major accolades and awards. The original movie mentioned is The Room. The memoir and the Academy Award nominated movie based on the book is The Disaster Artist. The soon to be released complete scene-by-scene remake of The Room, LEGALLY NOT ALLOWED TO LEAVE THE ROOM, is hoisted upon the world Friday, October 2, 2020. All of this is real. We are not living in a simulation (as far as I’m aware). The original movie is still bad beyond belief. You’re welcome!

Bots and germs, the October event mentioned above will be brought to you by Hideout Chicago. Co-creator of the Hideout’s Late Late Breakfast comedy show, comedian Tyler Jackson, spearheaded the creation of the remake with the aid of comedic friends from across the country to make a scene-by-scene refashion of the world’s gem of a cult, semi-autobiographical film catastrophe/black comedy/poorly made drama. It was, unsurprisingly and lovingly, created in quarantine. The project features performers, writers, and artists from places like Adult Swim, The Onion, and Comedy Central. Popular podcasters and TikTok creators were recruited, and even a few rock bands. Legally Not Allowed to Leave The Room will “transform the original film from a bizarre melodrama into a kaleidoscope of bad accents, even worse wigs, stock footage, acid trips, prank shows, body doubles, and Lynchian horror.” I mean, what more do you want from a remake?! The online premiere of Legally Not Allowed to Leave the Room will stream on the Hideout’s website. Ticket information can be found below. Does Tommy Wiseau know about this whole operation? (Watch out!, he will be calling it his own soon enough). Enjoy and watch this trailer now!

Mentions: Show 10.2 at 8pm CST. Tickets are $5. Proceeds will go to NIVA to help support independent venues that remain shuttered during quarantine.

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