Video Licks: ‘Shayla Hates Celebrities’ Is Just What You Ordered

Video Licks: ‘Shayla Hates Celebrities’ Is Just What You Ordered
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From the mind of Shonali Bhowmik comes Shayla Hates Celebrities. Shayla is obsessed with celebrities. Heck, she quit her corporate gig to focus on attaining the celebrity lifestyle. She even hired an entourage of misfits to help her attain her goal of stardom (Katie, her wardrobe consultant; Theo, her agent and talk show producer; Shawn, her tax consultant and make-up artist; Jason, her bodyguard). What better way to start on this adventure than putting out her own web series. Enjoy the first three episodes of Shayla Hates Celebrities! (WARNING: Some poopy humor & cyberflesh)

The cast includes Katina Corrao, Eliot Glazer, Le’Ronn McGowan, Jason Lam, Wyatt Cenac, Kenny Lienhardt, John Early, Sunita Mani, Har Mar Superstar, Shalewa Sharpe, Mia Juhng, and Katie Fischer.

Mentions: Learn more about the web series HERE.

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