Tasty News: Enjoy OITNB with @unfoRETTAble

Tasty News: Enjoy OITNB with @unfoRETTAble
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Remember when you wanted to watch a TV program and if you missed it it was, well, gone forever? Of course you don’t! (I assume you are 12) Those dark days are a thing of the past. You can now get caught up in a week’s time if you are truly dedicated to catching up with the Jones. What’s even better is that now you can turn to Twitter for colorful commentary on your favorite shows. And who better to live vicariously through than Park and Rec’s Retta (aka @unfoRETTAble) as she experiences Orange is The New Black for the first time. Behold Retta’s golden tweets:

Mentions: Do not miss the premiere of Parks and Recreation Season 6 Thursday Sept 26 on NBC 8/7c.

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