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Video Licks: CHRIS GETHARD Talks “Career Suicide” on CONAN

Video Licks: CHRIS GETHARD Talks “Career Suicide” on CONAN
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Yesterday’s episode of CONAN included an appearance by the one and only Chris Gethard (The Chris Gethard Show), who discussed his one man show turned upcoming HBO special CAREER SUICIDE. Gethard tackles depression, alcoholism, suicide and other personal experiences during the special. During the interview we learn one of the side effects of taking an anti-psychotic and fellow Conan guest Jack McBrayer has quite the reaction to it. Gethard also points out that when he was telling the punchline of this story he made uncomfortable direct eye contact with his Aunt. That’s a moment Gethard surely won’t forget! (WARNING: May not be a story to relay in front of the boss.)

Mentions: Look out for Career Suicide this May 6th on HBO.

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