Layers: We Have Zero Qualms Gifting WILL ABELES’ Debut Comedy Album “Regrets of My Father”

Layers: We Have Zero Qualms Gifting WILL ABELES’ Debut Comedy Album “Regrets of My Father”
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When I saw the title of comedian WILL ABELES’ debut stand-up album, I couldn’t help but be reminded of those famous Sinatra lyrics “Regrets, I’ve had a few, but then again, too few to mention.” Once I finished listening to AbelesRegrets of My Father, it was clear regrets can hold a lot of power in one’s life, but can also be cathartic in the most compelling and hilarious ways. Recorded live in the basement of the Peoples Improv Theatre and independently produced, Regrets of My Father is a well-woven quilt of storytelling, traversing Abeles’ rippling experiences as the antithesis of a baby boomer and punctuated by memories of those teachable formative years. Leaving a solid career in TV production for a life in the often soul-crushing Big Apple, we get stories of the highs, like hanging with the technology-challenged Christopher Walken, and the lows, having that moment where the world collapses in on itself as you walk a deaf pitbull named “Petunia.” The album debuted #1 on iTunes and is ready to leap into your hot ear canals TODAY. Sorry for that slightly abhorrent imagery. If you run into Will today, be sure to wish him a Happy Birthday, and hum some of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Cats lyrics while you tell him how much you love the album. He’ll totally get it! Happy Holidays, kids!

Will Abeles

WILL ABELES caught in the act of stand-up comedy album making

Mentions: Give the give of laughter this holiday season. Purchase Will’s “Regrets of My Father” on iTunes today! Also check out the Hey Guys! & Hey Gals! shows if you are in New York.

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