Quick Dish NY: DRUNK SCIENCE Presents “Memory” 3.7 at Littlefield

Quick Dish NY: DRUNK SCIENCE Presents “Memory” 3.7 at Littlefield
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Hmmm, I was supposed to do something…oh yeah, post about a great show! Coming Wednesday, March 7th to Littlefield in Brooklyn will be a “memorable” installment of DRUNK SCIENCE. The comedy event series features “three intoxicated stand-ups as they compete to present the best academic dissertation to a leading scientist in that field.” Geez, if only this was happening when I was in college, I might have been more inspired! This month’s theme is Memory and will include these brave comics

Joanna Hausmann (Bill Nye Saves the World)
Emmy Blotnick (Comedy Central’s The President Show)
Fumi Abe (MTV Decoded)

PLUS special guest scientist Dr. Vishnu Murty (Temple University’s Adaptive Memory Lab)

hosted by Comedians Joanna Rothkopf (Jezebel), Shannon Odell (neuroscience PhD candidate at Weill Cornell), and Jordan Mendoza (pre-med drop-out)

Get those synapses firing this March!

Mentions: Show 8pm. Tickets can be purchased for $5 and at the door day-of the event for $8. Littlefield is located at 635 Sackett St., Brooklyn, NY, 11217.

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