Tasty News: Sixth Time’s the Charm for Kathy Griffin

Tasty News: Sixth Time’s the Charm for Kathy Griffin
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Kathy Griffin finally snagged the award for Best Comedy Album of 2014 at the Grammy Ceremonies yesterday. Kathy’s competition was nothing to joke about. Late Late show host Craig Ferguson was nominated for “I’m Here to Help,” Ron White‘s “A Little Unprofessional” received a nod,” the Grammy association members appreciated the always racy Bob Saget‘s “That’s What I’m Talkin’ About,” and OF COURSE Tig Notaro was recognized for her “Live” album. Sure there are plenty of naysayers who will be arguing that Live was leaps and bounds more deserved than Calm Down Gurrl but frankly those people need to zip it. This is the 6th year Kathy Griffin has been nominated and she is more than a fit ambassador for females in comedy. You may not agree with her celebrity skewering or confrontational style but she consistently gets the laughs. I’m a staunch supporter of alt comedy but that doesn’t mean I don’t recognize the merits of other types of comedy that exist on the planet. So I leave you with Kathy Griffin’s Grammy acceptance speech where she demonstrated what she does best.

Mentions: Congratulations Kathy! Now go hug that Anderson Cooper.

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