Video Licks: GLAMOUR COLLEGE Presents Some “Sword in the Box” Wrap Rage

Video Licks: GLAMOUR COLLEGE Presents Some “Sword in the Box” Wrap Rage
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You can cut the irony with a sword? Oh wait, that’s going to be a problem. In this sketch from GLAMOUR COLLEGE, performed at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater NY in Hell’s Kitchen, we find King Cornelius Rae Jepsen (Neil D’Astolfo) ready to bestow the new royal sword to the great, soon to be knight, Percival Thomas (Tim Girrbach). If only he could remove said sword from it’s hard-to-open royal packaging. Not only is there NO old sword to unleash the new sword, but the court can’t have their heads removed for insolence as they comment on this pickle of a situation. Tension is building, so is there anyone who can save the day? Enjoy Sword in the Box, written by Nora Walls.

The “Sword in the Box” sketch was directed by Nikki Palumbo and features Neil D’Astolfo (King), Tim Girrbach (Young Percival), Arianna Durnell (Herald), Shane O’Neill (Royal Guard), Lane Kwederis (Peasant 1), Ann Marie Yoo (Queen), Michele O’Brien (Peasant 2), Sam Stone (Peasant 5), Dominique Nisperos (Peasant 4), Jason Sweeten (Peasant 3), and Christian Tucci (Small Servant Boy).

Mentions: Watch more hilarity from Glamour College HERE. Follow the team on Twitter & Ig. Catch Glamour College at the next Maude Night at UCBTNY Hell’s Kitchen June 17th!

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