Quick Dish: Spend Your V-Day with ‘Seems Legit’ Cuz…Duh.

Quick Dish: Spend Your V-Day with ‘Seems Legit’ Cuz…Duh.
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Ugh, yes, Valentine’s Day is tomorrow. You can either bring a date or drown your sorrows with laughter at one of the most awesome storytelling shows on the planet, Seems Legit. What’s this show all about? Well, it is four performers basically spewing half truths, however only one of them is truly lying to you. And the best part of this sordid relationship you’ve begun to engage in is YOU get to call that one fibber a big stinking liar TO THEIR FACE. Oh, and you also get to call them out on Twitter. Find out how good your lie detector skills are on the most soul draining, I mean, romantic days of the year. You will be entertained with stories by:

Andy Dick
Guy Branum
Alice Wetterlund
Lauren Ashley Bishop
Bryan Cook
Ian Karmel
Plus music by Muncy Family Riverboat Band!

Get yourself and a companion to the NerdMelt Showroom tomorrow, Feb 14.

Mentions: Get your tickets HERE. Doors 7:45pm. Show 8:00pm.

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