Tasty News: GREG SMITH, Barry ‘The Box’ Blankets & The “Saw” Franchise on A New Episode of MY NEIGHBORS ARE DEAD

Tasty News: GREG SMITH, Barry ‘The Box’ Blankets & The “Saw” Franchise on A New Episode of MY NEIGHBORS ARE DEAD
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Is there ever an imperfect time to talk about horror movies? NEVER! In the latest episode of the MY NEIGHBORS ARE DEAD podcast, host Adam Peacock and Detroit native/director/writer/actor/musician/songwriter Greg L. Smith (The Core, Hollywood Darlings, Dopetown 3000) talk about the “test” crazy franchise SAW. When the horror film burst onto the scene in the early 2000s it flipped the horror genre on it’s head, raking into 103 million worldwide, after being made for a mere 1.2 million. Not shabby, for a single location flick where recorded messages are delivered by a ventriloquist dummy that looks like a poorly decoupaged Marilyn Manson! Greg and Adam discuss how the first film captured the audience’s imagination, providing that “chef’s kiss” of a “clean, elemental twist ending.” They also get into the guest’s thoughts on the follow up films; the upcoming soft reboot; Detroit’s creepy, converted Eloise insane asylum; and the lasting cinematic impressions made by Greg’s youth group outing to see the highly graphic “The Passion of the Christ.”

Guest Greg L Smith talks “Saw” with Adam on “My Neighbors Are Dead” pod

From there the podcast switches gears to feature property and operations manager Barry ‘The Box’ Blankets and his relationship to John “The Jigsaw Killer” Kramer. Not only do we get a look into Barry’s life before his accidental meeting with a truly twisted mindset, but we learn of Barry’s extreme trust ritual to show a serial killer loyalty, the extent to which Barry’s family underutilized his illegally earned salary, and the emergence of an unforgettable, new expression “if you want to know a man, look through what they are trying to store.”

“My Neighbors Are Dead” host Adam Peacock

Don’t be too disappointed when you can’t get in contact with Blankets from the The Better Business Bureau cover runs deep, kids! Alas, that pdf of codewords for nefarious acts will live forever with Barry and Jigsaw in the demon sphere. Enjoy the episode now!

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