Quick Dish: Tag That Swag CRAVE style 11.13

Quick Dish: Tag That Swag CRAVE style 11.13
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CRAVE is a 2-hour stand-up comedy and variety show/all-night dance party created by comedian Alex Hooper. Imagine “art, music, dance, comedy, fire, cirque” and more all in one place. TOMORROW November 13th your comedy beauty queens include

Matt Braunger
Jamar Malachi Neighbors
Caitlin Gil
Trevor Smith
Dead Kevin Sketch
Music by: CossbySweater (Allison Goertz)

more entertainment from the Dapper Rappers
Live rap performance by Kitty

The venue is a secret location and you can get your hands on the deets once you sign up HERE. Consider yourself notified.

Mentions: Fun begins at 9pm. Location details released the day before the show. Tickets will be $10 at the door.

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