Video Licks: SUPER CRAZY FUNTIME Brings You The “Goonies” Sequel You Needed

Video Licks: SUPER CRAZY FUNTIME Brings You The “Goonies” Sequel You Needed
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During these tense times, it’s nice to see people getting nostalgic for the more happy times by posting those poignant moments from the past that made them smile. Watching movies from the 80s have made me particularly gleeful in the past, so I was especially elated when the Super Crazy Funtime bunch sent me this Goonies parody (which won an award for it’s screenplay at The Southern Shorts awards).  Remember when the “Goon Docks” kids, Mikey, Chunk, Mouth, and Data, were trying to save their houses from foreclosure by searching for the treasure of One-Eyed Willy? Well, THE GROWNIES now find themselves all grown up and looking for “one more adventure before their lease runs out.” Looks like the Fratellis might hold the key to their fortune this time round. Enjoy! (WARNING: Some adult content, yo)

This Goonies sequel was written and directed by Artie Brennan (ABC’s For Life, UCB, PIT) & Anthony Giordano (ABC’s Deception, UCB, PIT) and produced By Brennan, Giordano, and Chris Sciacco. It features Giordano as Mouth, Christine Kim as Data, Paul Cohen as Chunk, Paul Valenti as Angela Fratelli, Karen Summerton as Andy, Erin Richardson as Steph, Gary Denoia as Troy, Timmy Brennan as Sloth, and Chris Sciacco.

Mentions: You’ll find more hilarity at & Vimeo. Hang in there!

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