Layers: The HELLA IN YOUR THIRTIES Podcast Searches for A Comet in Their Latest Episode

Layers: The HELLA IN YOUR THIRTIES Podcast Searches for A Comet in Their Latest Episode
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Guess what? We are not (quite) yet living in the “Logan’s Run” dystopian film world life where everyone must undergo the rite of “Carrousel” when they reach the ripe old age of 30 (to maintain population/resource equilibrium, of course). In 2020, people in their 30s are actually thriving at living life to it’s fullest, seeking out as many new adventures as they can. Who exactly are these people? Two such “Sandmen” escapees are the HELLA IN YOUR THIRTIES podcasters and married comedians Nick Casalini and Muriel Montgomery. Every episode they explore tactics for conquering that age range not quite as celebrated as those 20-somethings. Some of the things they’ve tried on their podcast journey include an A-Steam, Juicing, vitamin B12 injections, the KonMari method, and a socially distanced pool party. On the latest episode, the two make the trek out to a Borrego Springs “dark community” where they search for the comet Neowise passing over the Earth. Like many Americans these days, embark on a trip away from their quarantine confines to be one with nature, even if it’s 112 degrees out. On their journey they encounter some quirky desert folk, a group of quail, rambunctious youth, and take a detour to the once desert oasis, the now quite odiferous Salton Sea. Will their stargazing prove fruitful or just leave them delirious from sun exposure? Find out in Searching For A Comet!

Mentions: Listen to more episode of the podcast HERE. Follow the pod on Twitter and Instagram. Thanks to Campfire Media for pointing us in the direction of the pod.

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