Tasty News: “Bob’s Burgers” Awesome Script Covers

Tasty News: “Bob’s Burgers” Awesome Script Covers
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America has been captivated with the animated series Bob’s Burgers for three delightful and engaging seasons now. Linda, Bob, Tina, Louise, Gene and the bunch invite us into their mad cap adventures every episode and always leave us fans with a warmy, fuzzy feeling in our hearts. It is with great glee that I report to you that the show’s artist and producer Tony Gennaro has been lovingly designing a custom script cover for each episode’s table read. The fact that he puts in this extra effort out of sheer passion for his craft only adds more fuel to my geeky obsession with this inspiring show. Check out the amazing gallery of artwork below.

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Mentions: All images by Tony Gennaro. Follow @BobsBurgersFox on Twitter. Don’t forget to read the Behind Bob’s Burgers Tumblr either!

Feature image c/o FOX.

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