Tasty News: Out Now CHRIS GETHARD’S New Everand Original DAD AT PEACE

You are probably familiar with the work of CHRIS GETHARD which spans various realms of the entertainment landscape, including comedy, acting, and literature. He’s brought the world the popular, and now cult classic, The Chris Gethard Show. He hosts the Beautiful/Anonymous podcast. He’s a part of New Jersey Is The World podcast, a celebration of his home state. He wrote and starred in the HBO special Career Suicide. And now, in addition to his previous written works, Weird NY, A Bad Idea I’m About to Do, and Lose Well, Chris is proud to announce his new Everand Original, Dad at Peace, now exclusively available as an ebook and audiobook on the subscription service Everand.

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Comics, actor, author Chris Gethard (Photo credit: Mindy Tucker)

In Dad at Peace, Gethard details why he has largely decided to walk away from it all. Why would he leave a seemingly sweet spot in his career behind? If you’ve read the first two titles in his Originals trilogy, Dad on Pills and The Lonely Dad Conversations, you may already know the answer… Throughout this book, Gethard reflects on the impact of career highs and lows and unexpected health scares. He also slows down to savor memories with his own parents — and even more importantly, special moments with his son — all of which lead him to take the leap into a completely new phase of life neither he nor those around him ever expected.

If you are a long time fan of Gethard, or are looking for a thoughtful, new read, give Dad at Peace a try. More information below.

Mentions: Dad at Peace is available as an e-book and audiobook. A 60-day free trial of Everand is available HERE. Other titles of Gethard available on Everand include, Dad on Pills: Fatherhood and Mental Illness, where Chris processes the anxieties of being a new dad with a raw honesty and humor, and The Lonely Dad Conversations, wherein he talks to other fathers about the loneliness of the process. More of what Chris is up to THERE. Feed the algo.