Tasty News: Mark Malkoff Skypes With The World

Tasty News: Mark Malkoff Skypes With The World
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It’s gotta be some kind of record, right? Comedian and filmmaker Mark Malkoff skyped with folks in 162 places around the globe to celebrate Skype’s 10 year anniversary. Mark is no stranger to records though. He once stayed on an AirTran airplane for an whole month (to get over his fear of flying) which resulted in a Guinness World Record for most scheduled flights in thirty days. I know!

For this “Skype Around The World” project Mark coordinated chats via Facebook and Twitter first. During the actual chat sessions Mark tried to master foreign accents, show off his wife Sookie, and sometimes got his time zones mixed up. However, I dare you not get the warm fuzzies from watching Malkoff interact with his global neighbors. Sniffle.

Mentions: For more about Mark check out his website.

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