#COMEDYFEST Day Three: Bicoastal Battle, Pawn Shop ‘Review,’ & Warcraft

#COMEDYFEST Day Three: Bicoastal Battle, Pawn Shop ‘Review,’ & Warcraft
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My, Oh My was this day jam packed with grins! We got a sneak preview of the upcoming Comedy Central “The Half Hour” special with comedians Dan Soder and Nikki Glaser. To answer the definitive question “Which coast is funnier?” comedians from both coasts were live tweeting the event. Representing the East Coast, Dan Soder (Red Eye), Nikki Glaser (Nikki & Sara Live), Lil Rel Hower (Barbershop 2) , Mike Lawrence (Conan), Andy Haynes (Modern Comedian), Dan St Germain (Best Week Ever), Ben Kronberg (Everyone Thinks They’re Special. Nobody Cares),Jared Logan (Best Week Ever), Joe DeRosa (Louie,Bored to Death) and Eric Griffin (Workaholics) riff’d away. On the Western front Sean O’Connor (Conan), Baron Vaughn (Fairly Legal), Gabe Liedman (Kroll Show), Sean Patton (Conan), Brody Stevens (Hangover), and Cristela Alonzo (Ladies Room Diaries) stood strong. Which coast won the battle? You Decide!Go HERE now! (I’m biased. Heart Westies.)

If you you have never caught even a smidgeon of Andy Daly’s work you need to do so STAT. He is best known for playing Principal Terrence Cutler in the HBO comedy series Eastbound & Down , however the man’s improv skills are unparalleled. Andy Daly will be starring in the upcoming Comedy Central show “Review with Forrest MacNeil” where he plays a critic who examines real-life experience rather than the pundit’s standard fare. To raise awareness for the show’s debut Andy asked the Twitter audience to pick a topic to review. The winning topic was “pawn shop” so Mr. Daly sauntered on over to Brothers Collateral Loans on Melrose Ave. and curated the merchandise like nobody’s business (complete with Instagram images). Behold his choice picks!

Last but not least, South Park insiders discussed one of the most popular episodes of the South Park collection “Make Love, Not Warcraft.” I wouldn’t want you to miss a single word so here is the entire Twitter transcript.

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