Quick Dish: TOMORROW 7.27 Don’t Miss PEGASUS at The Annoyance Theatre NY

Quick Dish: TOMORROW 7.27 Don’t Miss PEGASUS at The Annoyance Theatre NY
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Tired of your run of the mill comedy show? Ready for a show that thinks outside the box? Then you are in luck! TOMORROW July 27th at The Annoyance Theatre NY, Amanda Ariel “Peggy” Xeller will be bringing you a solo sketch show like no other. Get ready for PEGASUS! According to the show description the show is neither narrative nor autobiographical. So what is it? “It’s hyper-poetry comedy featuring characters and scenarios that are earnest, honest, wonderful, and, of course, very very silly.” You had us at “hyper-poetry!” Just some of the characters you can except include “a very hyper father distrustful of his daughter’s studying plans,” “someone who just really wants mustard on her hot dog,” and “a girl who ruined the Country Girls and Tornado Twirls Pie Off Kids.” What’s not on the list? We’re not done! Keep reading.

Amanda’s been working as a writer, improviser and clown in The Big Apple. She’s studied comedy at the Annoyance Bk, Magnet Theater, UCB, Movement Theater, Barrow Group, and with Complicité in London, England. It’s almost as if she’s one step away from being Chip Baskets! We digress. In addition, Amanda’s solo work has been featured in the Sketch Republic, was a part of the L.A. Scripted Comedy Festival, Ladyfest, NYC Sketchfest, Philly Sketchfest, and more! With these kind of credentials (and our gleaming endorsement), how could you possible miss out? Let this winged mythological creature of a show let your spirits soar!

Mentions: Show 8:30pm. Buy tix HERE. The Annoyance Theatre NY is located at 367 Bedford Ave. Brooklyn, NY. This show is directed by Joey Dundale (Michael Jordan’s Steakhouse; Holy Fuck Comedy Hour).

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