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Tasty News: Joe DeRosa’s Comedy Central Records Album YOU LET ME DOWN Available Today

Tasty News: Joe DeRosa’s Comedy Central Records Album YOU LET ME DOWN Available Today
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Let me start out by saying, Joe DeRosa’s (Better Call Saul, Bored To Death, Louie, Inside Amy Schumer) new album cured my headache. No lie. I went from total mind-throbbing Dennis personality from “Split” to passive, soothed blogger with a silly grin. Not only will YOU LET ME DOWN do nothing of the sort, it will make you laugh furiously (and possibly do a spit take). The album is so honest and unapologetic, I think it’s impossible not to take away a lesson or two. I’d go so far as saying the social media and dating app tracks should be listened to by ALL parents before they let their kids anywhere near the internet. Yep, they are that good! DeRosa doesn’t hold back with his analyzation of the darkest corners of our society, giving special attention to the more detestable people (ie. serial killers & overachievers), but not forgetting about those inbetweeners (ie. celebs), and our general collective misplaced preoccupations, like #LochteGate. Filmed in front of an extremely enthused crowd at the historic Masonic Lodge at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, you may need to fast forward 30 seconds into the intro because that is more clapping than I’ve heard for any comedian, ever. Yes, I may have to see more shows. Do yourself a solid and listen this album pronto!

Mentions: YOU LET ME DOWN is currently available for purchase on iTunes and other digital outlets. Stream it on Spotify above. Check out the version that premiered on Comedy Central 2.3 at and the Comedy Central App.

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