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Tasty News: It’s A Hot “Podcast Summer” with Eight New Podcasts from The FOREVER DOG Podcast Network

Tasty News: It’s A Hot “Podcast Summer” with Eight New Podcasts from The FOREVER DOG Podcast Network
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Boom! Just like a rogue firework, this comedy news be all up in your face. The Forever Dog Podcast Network just announced its Podcast Summer campaign and we are truly excited. EIGHT new podcasts will be coming your way through September 1, 2017. The new Forever Dog slate of shows features everything from bonafide Trekkies Alice Wetterlund & Veronica Osorio bringing a feminist perspective to the sci-fi world to Brett Davis “coming clean” in his laundry centric audio project. Learn more about these and the other sweet Podcast Summer podcasts swimming down the pipeline:


Fresh Batch
June 1
Your host Michelle Collins (The View, Bachelor In Paradise: After Paradise) bring you a television round-up like no other. If you are into “first impressions, real-deal gossip, behind-the-scenes insight, the funniest breakdowns of your favorite reality show, and more” then Fresh Batch is your jam.

The Podcast For Laundry
July 6
Brett Davis (The Special, Andy Kaufman Award Winner), a true laundry lover brings you some acerbic wit in this new audio project. Who knows where it will lead? Perhaps to that missing sock? The Podcast for Laundry is Davis’ “Corridor of Dreams,” won’t you be a part of it? (Yes, there is now a podcast for everything.)

July 10
My favorite gals of the internet, Tracy Soren and Jessie Jolles (Above Average, Funny or Die), are just full of regret. It’s never good to keep these feelings pent up inside so the gals will be spilling their guts with the help of a regret-laden friend. Won’t you talk a walk through Regretsville with this hilarious duo?

Relatively Healthy
July 12
A real doctor and a comedian bring you a modern version of Loveline. Dr. Ellen Stolar and Janie Stolar (UCB) are ready to take your calls about sex, health, dating and whatever the cat dragged in. Just message them the old-fashioned way at 844-STOLARX and get Relatively Healthy! What could possibly go wrong?

Public Intellectual
July 20
Critic and the editor-in-chief of Bookslut, Jessa Crispin (Why I Am Not A Feminist) bring you weekly hard edge criticism
of the anti-intellectual world. The Public Intellectual debuts with a conversation between American cultural critic and essayist Laura Kipnis and Crispin.

Treks and the City
July 24
Alice Wetterlund (Silicon Valley, People Of Earth) and Veronica Osorio (Hail Caesar) are melding their lady brains to bring the feminist perspective to dissecting Star Trek: The Next Generation episode by episode with friendly celebs and more. Here’s to some very sci-fi Treks and the City and beyond!

Turner Masters Memory Hospital
August 16
This Forever Dog Limited Series is written by Catherine Cohen (UCB) and Steven Markow (The New Yorker, Paste). Turner Masters Memory Hospital brings you the story of a town grieving the loss of a truly horrible teen named Turner Masters as they are about to memorialize the hospital in which he passed away. The series features notable funny people like Peter Smith, Joe Castle Baker, Bowen Yang, Matt Rogers, Jo Firestone, Mitra Jouhari, Brett Davis and more. This is dark comedy for open minds.

Undercover Podcast
September 1
Everyone loves a good detective story. In Undercover Podcast, written by Brett Boham, FBI Agent Dan Riesling is trying to cure the diseases of crime and time with podcasting. Take this agent seriously as he catches criminals in a most unique way: creating a fake podcast, inviting the suspect on as a guest, and tricking said guest into confessing before they realize they’re being interrogated. Agent Dale Cooper would be proud.

Mentions: Listeners can subscribe to each of these podcasts on iTunes now. Get your podcast fix at The Forever Dog network. Current FDPN podcasts include Kevin McDonald’s Kevin McDonald Show, Las Culturistas with Matt Rogers & Bowen Yang, The Book of Ye (Rob Haze, Chris Daniels), Applying it Liberally (Keisha Zollar, Andrew Kimler) and Fake It Til You Break It (Oliver Chinyere). Forever Dog Limited Series include Literati (Michael Wolf, Colin O’Brien) and The Scary Secrets of Stasis, PA (Best Limited Series Comedy Podcast, Splitsider 2016).

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