Tasty News: Applications Now Open for BORIS KHAYKIN’s “Marijuana Diversity Scholarship”

Tasty News: Applications Now Open for BORIS KHAYKIN’s “Marijuana Diversity Scholarship”
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As you may recall, comedian Boris Khaykin (UCB, North Coast) started out 2018 with a Competitive Sober January. Not only did he challenge himself to cut out alcohol, drugs (even weed), and any refined sugars or carbs from his system, but he dared those around him to test his fortitude, all in the name of charity. So I’m sure all of you are wondering, did he cave and keep all that money for himself, or did he fight temptation to benefit May I have a drumroll please, the answer is, he raised over $400! HA, blow on those vuvuzelas, kids!

Applications for the Marijuana Diversity Project are open until March 25th

With this success under his belt, Boris is brimming with confidence and ready to tackle another project. Since last time Khaykin’s pals were sooo generous in distracting him with many a plant-based “medicine,” Boris has decided to pay it forward with the Marijuana Diversity Scholarship! The website clearly states “qualifying applicants of varying race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, and age will be awarded an estimated one eighth of Fresh Cali Sativa-Indica Hybrid.” Yes, with Khaykin’s help, groups who would normally be unable to obtain fairly priced potions of this nature may now breathe a sigh of relief. Hallelujah! Hint: those applicants who spread the word of this project via social media will demonstrate great initiative and their enthusiastic actions for diversity and the sativa can only benefit them down the line. Good luck, mates! (WARNING: Those who lack passion or the appropriate digits in their age or fear incarceration need not apply)

Mentions: Just go to to learn more! Applications are open until March 25th and winners will be announced April 1st! More about Boris HERE.

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