Quick Dish NY: WET TUX Red Carpet Screening 6.15 at Film Noir Cinema

Quick Dish NY: WET TUX Red Carpet Screening 6.15 at Film Noir Cinema
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Can we agree that tuxedo rental prices are actually not that bad? OK, let’s shelve that thought for a moment and talk about an event you need to be at Friday, June 15th. Think late night show format set in a dystopian future that includes a red carpet screening. OOOoooh, so you’re talking a fancy imaginary place come to life? Yes, its 2057 and a nuclear war has done it’s worst on the Earth. Small teams with mad skills are doing their best to make lemonade out of the lemons they’ve been served. As for the unskilled survivors, the “dregs,” they’ve been asked to provide the night’s entertainment. Expect WET TUX opening sets from Ana Fabrega (HBO) and Julio Torres (SNL) and a screening that includes special commercials from Brooklyn’s choicest comedy filmmakers like


WET TUX, “a sick and deranged world filled with cha-chas, talking plants, live music,” comes out of the mind of creator Thomas Fricilone (Ground Floor Comedy co-founder) and includes the cast of Adam Bangser, Kelly Cooper, Caitlin Dullea, Mac Edgerly, Nathan Galovan, Rachel Kaly, Tim Lamphier, Ian Lockwood, and Abby Salzberg. Some call it what you’d get if David Lynch and Monty Python put their noggins together. We call it a cool event at Film Noir Cinema you just can’t pass up! GO!

Mentions: Show 8pm. Tickets $7 online, $10 door. Film Noir Cinema is located at 122 Meserole Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222.

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