Tasty News: Out 10.24 on Audible REVERSE TRANSMISSION Original Mystery Horror from WHAM CITY COMEDY

Tasty News: Out 10.24 on Audible REVERSE TRANSMISSION Original Mystery Horror from WHAM CITY COMEDY
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Get your bucket-seated, high back armchairs ready for a new original mystery horror coming your way this October from Audible. REVERSE TRANSMISSION is a dark comedic audio story that brings together the science fiction and dystopian thriller genres. The plot involves the murder spree of a self-driving car where where each chapter the story dives deeper into the Awooga rideshare day job of starving artist, Jay. The job becomes ever more dangerous as her car companion tries to run over pedestrians and manipulate Jay into *cough* disposing of the body. The “non-linear, non-traditional” format help build intrigue while leaving the mystery solving to it’s listeners. They will soon find themselves asking questions like “What is causing the car to kill?,” “Has the car become sentient?,” or “is an anti-technology cult resisting artificial intelligence and augmented reality behind the violence?” Gah!

The audio series is poised for release October 24th. The series is the brainchild of WHAM CITY COMEDY (written by Param Anand Singh and directed by Ben O’Brien) who are known for their quirky, disquieting sketches and performances, as well as the well-placed “easter eggs” in their works. Reverse Transmission (starring Dani Montalvo, Alan Resnick, Marc Steiner, & Jacobi Howard) will soon give listeners those Pokémon Go thrills as was experienced with the equally entertaining psychological horror/comedy video This House Has People In It, that originally aired on Adult Swim. The Wham City Comedy collective has brought fans the ever popular Adult Swim “infomercials” Unedited Footage of a Bear, Live Forever as you Are Now and most recently starred in a live interactive mini-series for the network, The Cry Of Mann. Get your pre-Halloween haunt on with this audio ear candy (not to be confused with corn candy, ack!).

Mentions: Reverse Transmission is out on Audible October 24, 2018. More about Wham City Comedy HERE.

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