Quick Dish NY: ADULT SEX ED with DANI FAITH LEONARD 11.28 at Caveat

Quick Dish NY: ADULT SEX ED with DANI FAITH LEONARD 11.28 at Caveat
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This is not like your middle school classroom sex ed experience. Remember those? Lots of smirking, trying to figure out which way the display groins were supposed to orient, and still coming out more clueless than you started? Wednesday, November 28th at Caveat, comedian, writer, producer and co-founder of the BIG VISION EMPTY WALLET incubator, Dani Faith Leonard (Lez Bomb), will bring New York the much more informative and entertaining storytelling show that is ADULT SEX ED. The show features a wide range of guests bringing you scripted sketches and deep dives on sexual topics with a bit of comedy and spice to make things nice and engaging. Each storytelling segment concludes with a practical takeaway for those intently watching and listening. Winning! This month’s guest will include

Joanna Hausmann (Bill Nye Saves the World on Netflix, Joanna Rants)
Emmett Jack Lundberg (BROTHERS)
Keisha Zollar (Comedy Central)
Selena Coppock ((Amazon’s Red Oaks, VH1, NY Times)
Anna Suzuki (She’s Gotta Have It, AzN PoP)
Eman El-Husseini (Just for Laughs)

Knowledge and practice make perfect! GO!

Mentions: Show 9pm. Buy tickets HERE. 21+. Caveat is located at 21A Clinton St. New York NY 10002.

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