Quick Dish NY: PULITZER SURPRISES Await 12.6 at Caveat

Quick Dish NY: PULITZER SURPRISES Await 12.6 at Caveat
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Don’t you think you deserve some recognition for your efforts? Well, it’s time to take advantage of some loopholes, kids! According to the Pulitzer website, absolutely any Tom, Dick, Harry, or Jane can be nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. Yes, you read that correctly. Seizing on this grand opportunity, PULITZER SURPRISES has made a show out of this horrible idea. Eliza Cossio (Wyatt Cenac, The Daily Show) and
Caroline Schaper (Full Frontal, Letterman) will invite their favorite comedians to perform their submission for the coveted Pulitzer. In addition, your hosts interview a real-life Pulitzer Prize winner who offers his/her advice on what the gang should look for in a Pulitzer prize winner, AND at the end of the show the audience casts a vote on who deserves the big P. Will they actually offer the submission up to the Pulitzer gods? YES! This month’s lineup includes:

Ziwe Fumudoh (The Rundown, Baited with Ziwe)
Zach Zimmerman (Second City, The New Yorker)
Daniel Spenser Levine (Full Frontal, Breaking Bad)
Ayo Edebiri (The Rundown)

with Pulitzer Prize winner Jonathan Weiner, who won the 1995 Pulitzer Prize for General Non-Fiction for his book The Beak of the Finch.

Don’t miss a single minute, winners!

Mentions: Show 9:30pm. Buy tickets HERE. Caveat is located at 21 A Clinton Street, Manhattan.

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