Quick Dish NY: SHOT4SHOT Presents “Scream” 2.22 for The Armory Tribeca Arts Takeover

Quick Dish NY: SHOT4SHOT Presents “Scream” 2.22 for The Armory Tribeca Arts Takeover
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THIS Saturday don’t miss SHOT4SHOT’s SPECIAL guest spot in the Armory Tribeca Arts Takeover. Get ready for anther “immersive, nonstop, hilarious ride through your favorite movie.” The film of interest will be none other than the teen slasher movie, SCREAM. As I recall, the plot involved a teen girl and her friends being targeted by a masked killer after her mom’s murder. The film flipped the horror genre on it’s head at the time, but will the mostly scripted and partially improvised Shot4Shot version do the same? Of course! Scripts are handed out the day of the show. There’s drinking rules involved, and the rest is well, a scream! The cast will include:

Stage Directions… Annie-Sage Whitehurst
Drink Ref… Kimberly Alu
Sidney… Marissa Stuart
Gale… Melissa Ulloa
Dewey… Joe Miles
Billy… Naomi Pitt (special guest)
Stu… Billy Fenderson (special guest)
Tatum… Andy Fitch
Randy… Leah Evans
Ghostface/Male News Reporter… Pedro Lee
Mr. Prescott/Female News Reporter/Tatum’s Mom/Girl 1… Sonia Nam
Casey/Kenny/Girl 2/Customer… Jerry Burgos
Mother/Mr. Himbry/Police Officer 1/Bored Teen… Kate ONeill Martino (special guest)
Father/Sheriff Burke/Expelled Student 1/Teen 2… Jenny Hill (special guest)
Reporter #1/Steve/Hank/Expelled Student 2/Janitor/Teen 1… Audrey Marie Sprouse

Be there for all the fun at this new location!

Mentions: Show 8pm. Tickets $5. Location: 75 Murray Street (Tribeca).

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