Now you Angelinos can experience what all those SFers have been taking for granted. Saturday, June 14th, THE TALKIES come to LA’s Echoes Under Sunset for just one night! This long-running monthly comedy/multimedia show features kookie characters, videos and the essential powerpoint presentation. And who exactly will be bringing on the laughter for this one night extravaganza? THESE GUYS & GALS:

Sad Vicious
Erik Charles Nielsen
(soon-to-be hometown hero) Caitlin Gill
Anna Seregina
Clare O’Kane
Miles K
Jesse Elias
Land Smith
George Chen
Kyle Mizono and James Austin Johnson
Cameron Vannini

PLUS short film by David Enos+Mishell Stimson+Sarah Hagey

The Talkies is produced by George Chen, Land Smith, Kyle Mizono, and Scott Vermeire so expect the unexpected! Support live comedy like nobody’s business, ya hear!

Mentions: Show 8pm. $5 enforceable suggestion. Hee! If you happen to be in SF catch The Talkies the first Friday of the month at Lost Weekend Video.