Has the king of parody “Weird Al” Yankovic been a valuable part of your adolescent experience? Has he earned the right to be recognized among Rock and Roll’s elite artists? Is Weird Al just simply pure cool? The answer is an emphatic “F*** YES” to all three questions. Well, once again, there is a campaign underway to make sure Weird Al is inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Make The Rock Hall “Weird” is strongly encouraging fans of parodist to take to social media in a grassroots effort to get the Grammy winner permanently recognized as one of rock’s greats. This fan driven campaign is headed by Greg Method who wishes to spread the word using one simple message “Dare to be stupid.” To secure the funny man’s very serious place in rock and roll history all you have to do is film yourself and message the campaign. That’s it! All the details are on the campaign site! (We hear there are some incentives should you manage to get a celeb to spread the Weird Al praises.) Other events coinciding with the summer campaign include the annual interactive “tweet-in” on Twitter where fans can send tweet to the Rock Hall and it’s nominating members plus a month long anniversary sale on the “Yankoheit 27” DVD on Amazon and a one-day-only free streaming of the movie July 9th. Make this the year Weird Al receives the honor he truly deserves!

Mentions: Weird Al has been eligible for induction since 2004. Do your part and make this the year he finally makes it in! Yankovic will release his fourteenth studio album “Mandatory Fun” July 15! He will world-premiering a new music video every single day for 8 days, starting July 14th. Woo hoo!