Tasty News: Replace That Boring Holiday Music with The Witty Tunes of The STAGGARS & JAGS Pirate Adventure Podcast

Tasty News: Replace That Boring Holiday Music with The Witty Tunes of The STAGGARS & JAGS Pirate Adventure Podcast
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Is it possible to bring you two musical podcasts this holiday week? Wish granted! In addition to covering ONE MILLION MUSICALS’ “South Pole Santa” episode, we have for you “A Musical Fable That Absolutely Happened.” In place of the same old festive music you’ve been hearing all month (or lifetime), why not experience something all NEW and playful as sin! Don’t worry, no actual crimes were committed (other than making you smile a Cheshire cat). What once was a live show at The Shanty and Brooklyn Comedy Collective, has been thoughtfully turned into a musical podcast during the 2019-2020 time period. STAGGARS & JAGS is a scripted musical podcast written by Sander Randall and Riley Cecil Taggar. It is set in the 1700s during the Golden Age of piracy, and follows the misadventures of two friendly yet somewhat naive bartenders, Staggars and Jags. The two entertain their Big Drink clientele and barflies (Medusa, Captain Black, Touch Man & more) with the unending blessings of Dionysus. However, their cheery gig may be up when a “Pigman” comes to their quaint Port Anne Marie with an order from the king to put the kibosh on this drunkard’s paradise.

Bringing you an abundance of “sea shanties, forgotten bar belters, folk classics, and drunkenly shouted showtunes” will be the cast of Annie Donley (Chris Gethard Presents), Maya Sharma (Ladies Who Ranch, Chris Gethard Presents), Caitlin Dullea (Ladies Who Ranch), Abby Salzberg (Late Night with Seth Meyers), Marica Belsky (Comedy Central), and a bevy of special guests. Half of the twenty-one songs performed in the first season are originals written by Sander Randall and Riley Cecil Taggart, with support from Caitlin Dullea and Clay Russell. Eleven more are lovingly re-vamped comedy parodies of Sander and Riley’s musical muses: Pete Seeger, Marvin Gaye, Dolly Parton, Hall & Oates, and more. Have yourself a merry holidays and take in these 4 episodes now:

Staggars & Jags S1E1: The Big Drink

Staggars & Jags S1E2: The Mighty Bite

Staggars & Jags S1E3: The Princess & The Pauper

Staggars & Jags S1E4: Rock Bottom

Don’t miss those post-credit scenes, kids!

Mentions: Support a second season at You can listen to the podcast on Spotify / Apple Pods / Stitcher / Google Podcasts. Cover art by Sofie Birkin.