Quick Dish Quarantine: Groove & Sway with Max & Nicky for A Post Valentines Day Edition of VINTAGE BASEMENT

Tuesday, Feb 16th, after you’ve practiced some heavy social distancing on Valentine’s Day, seal yourself up in plastic wrap (don’t forget to poke air holes) as you laugh and swing with the variety extravaganza known as Vintage Basement with Max and Nicky. The Weinbach twins will whisk you away to a world where anything can happen, but mostly quirky, fun stuff. The intoxicating lineup will include

James Adomian

Clark Jones

Sarah Squirm

& Whitmer Thomas

Yes, that is a roster worth putting on jogger bottoms for! Enjoy and get your tix via Dynasty Typewriter!

Mentions: Show 6pm PST, 9pm EST. Get $5/$10 tickets at Dynasty Typewriter. Follow Max & Nicky on IG.