Quick Dish Quarantine: A Cherry Topping for Your Week with SHOT4SHOT Presentations of ‘Batman and Robin’ & ‘The Little Mermaid’

Quick Dish Quarantine: A Cherry Topping for Your Week with SHOT4SHOT Presentations of ‘Batman and Robin’ & ‘The Little Mermaid’
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This weekend Shot4Shot tackles two movies for your online enjoyment. Every week the creative team recreates popular movies, tacks on a drinking game, and, to make it even more comical, drifts off-script to their heart’s content. This Friday your Shot4Shot heroes tackle the caped crusader and his sidekick in Batman and Robin. The cast for the performance will include:

Stage Directions/Drink Ref… Frank Hoffman
Batman… Nick Carrillo
Robin… Leah Evans
Batgirl/Minion… Billy Fenderson
Mr. Freeze… Sonia Nam
Poison Ivy/minion… Naomi Pitt
Commissioner Gordon/Frozen Dead Wife/Security… Julia Darden
Alfred/Man 3… Pedro Lee
Bane/minion… Marcus Haugen
Julie Madison/minion/Henchman 2/Host/Doctor… Andy Fitch
Miss B. Haven/Cop 2/Gerty/Gang 1/Banker… Matthew Schrader
Young Bruce Wayne/Cop 3/Henchman 1/Frosty/Scientist 2/Man 1… Kevin Tully
Cop 1/Woodrue/Scientist 1/Man 2/Biker/Laptop… Audrey Marie Sprouse

Saturday, Shot4Shot leaves the comic book world for some shenanigans under the sea. They will take on a familiar animated flick complete with a Jamaican crab, sinister eels, a sea witch, and a relationship that the Splash movie would be highly envious of. Saturday’s Little Mermaid cast will include:

Stage Directions/Drink Ref… Audrey Marie Sprouse
Ariel… Ro Rotivo
Ursula… Heather Jewels Booth
Eric… Sheree V Campbell
Triton… Ryan Chittaphong
Sebastian… Pedro Lee
Flounder… Leah Evans
Scuttle… Sarah Kim
Grimsby… Marissa Stuart
Flotsom/Triton’s Daughters… Emily Klopfer
Jetsam/Triton’s Daughters… Irene Carroll
Seahorse/Shark… Matthew Schrader
Sailors/Sailor 1/Triton’s Daughters/Carlotta… Amelia Morgan
Vanessa/Sailors/Sailor 2/Triton’s Daughters/Woman 1… Naomi Pitt
Sailors/Triton’s Daughters/Atina/Woman 2/Priest… Jason Specland
Louis/Sailors/Triton’s Daughters/Andrina… Marcus Haugen

Enjoy your drinking game with a movie problem, but just stay away from the seafood for a day cuz that’s just a little sadist.

Mentions: Both shows begin at 9:30pm on Zoom. Email the to watch! Follow the show on Instagram. Event art by: Pedro Lee.