Quick Dish Quarantine: Tonight SHOT4SHOT Presents “The Wizard of Oz” PLUS Saturday “The Waitress”!

“Follow the yellow brick,” they say, but did they mention the flying monkeys? Who else is stilled creeped out by those minions of the Wicked Witch of the West? No, then good for you <insert sarcasm>! TONIGHT Shot4Shot recreates this classic as you’ve never seen it before! Add some cosplay to some live script reading, plus some spicy beverages, and you have an evening of laughter. Tonight’s show takes the crew of Dorothy, The Scarecrow, The Tinman and Cowardly Lion on an epic Wizard of Oz adventure. The Shot4Shot crew making it all too real will include:

Stage Directions/Drink Ref… Frank Hoffman

Dorothy… Naomi Pitt*

The Scarecrow/Hunk… Billy Fenderson

The Tinman/Hickory… Pedro Lee

The Cowardly Lion/Zeke… Leah Evans

Glinda… Matt Caron

Wicked Witch of the West/Miss Gulch… Ali Mierzejewski

Wizard of Oz/Professor Marvel/Ballerina/Tin Man’s Beautician/Ozian Woman 2… Joe Miles

Toto/Priest/Ballerina/Tough Kid/Soloist 2/Ozian Woman 1/Nikko… Ro Rotivo

Aunt Em/Flower Munchkin/Coroner/City Father/Scarecrows Beautician… Jessika Stocker

Uncle Henry/Dapper Munchkin/Tough Kid/Carriage Driver… Ryan Chittaphong

Barrister/Ballerina/Soloist 1/Gatekeeper/Lions Beautician/Winkie… Jenny Hill*

Mayor/Tough Kid/Apple Tree/Dorothy’s Beautician/The Guard… Jack Rokicki

Just when you couldn’t get enough of the Emerald City, Shot4Shot throws a misdirect and presents The Waitress this Saturday night. Join the crew as they bring the internet the comedy-drama film about a young woman faced with some major challenges in a small town. Your cast will include:

Stage Directions/Drink Ref… Naomi Pitt*
Jenna… Emily Edwards*
Becky… Raquel Palmas *
Dawn… Melissa Parker Caron
Dr. Pomatter… Leah Evans
Ogie… Amelia Morgan
Earl Hunterson… Marcus Haugen
Cal… Megan Sugrue*
Joe… Heather Jewels Booth
Nurse Norma/Lulu… Nick Carrillo

Looks like you now have a lock on those weekend plans! Enjoy!

Mentions: Both shows start at 9:30pm EDT. For show access send an email to shot4shotNYC@gmail.com (*indicates Shot4Shot guest). Follow the show on Instagram! Images by Pedro Lee.