Quick Dish Quarantine: 5.20 Join The RISK! Interactive Online Screening of THE BIG LEBOWSKI

Don’t be a “human paraquat” and miss the upcoming RISK! Interactive Online Screening! Friday, May 20th, KEVIN ALLISON (The State) will host an interactive online viewing of Joel Coen’s THE BIG LEBOWSKI via Sidestream. Your esteemed host will be onscreen, alongside the movie, riffing on trivia, and, of course, interacting with all of YOU in a text chat onscreen. Yes, the “Tao of the Dude” is strong with this one. Also, is anyone in the mood for some bowling? More details below!

Risk! creator and host KEVIN ALLISON (image by Anna Haas)

Mentions: Show 9:15pm ET/ 6:15pm PT. Price $6.99. Follow RISK! online on Twitter & IG.