Quick Dish LA: AGGRESSIVELY ALIVE Individually Vulnerable & Socially Close Comedy & More TONIGHT

Are you prepared for a comedy show unlike anything you’ve ever experienced live? Well, it’s coming for you whether you like it or not! Fine, you’ll probably like it. TONIGHT enjoy some AGGRESSIVELY ALIVE, the show that will “pick you up from your bootstraps and fling you into the performance fire.” This ode to live performance is the place where “energetic, experimental, raw stand-up, characters, musicians meet interactive games, drinking, partying.” My goodness, that sounds so exciting I may have to carry around a tiny bottle of the nitroglycerin! Your host MARK VIGEANT (Internet Explorers) has quite the lineup arranged including:

Andrew Michaan

Danny Sellers

Gavin Matts

Opey Olagbaju

Sara Hennessey

Sudi Green

Taylor Ortega

Leave all that trepidation at the door because it’s time to be ALIVE!

Mentions: Show 7:30pm PT. “Goddamn hero & “Aggressively a god” tier tickets still available HERE. Location, arrival instructions and more will be sent directly via email and/or DM. This is a fully vaccinated outdoor show. Proof of vaccine is required upon entry & name on vaccination card must match your ID. Follow the show on Instagram. This show is produced by  Maddy Martin & Ben Berke, and sponsored by Sierra Nevada.