Quick Dish NY: CHARACT-ARAOKE 8.14 at The Squirrel Theatre at Under St. Marks

This Sunday evening The Squirrel NYC will present Charact-araoke! The musical character show features NYC’s best and brightest, up-and coming comics performing characters and impression entirely as musical acts! Those include:

Dylan Adler

Jon Bander

Fallon Boles

Erica Diederich

David Morton

Laura Ornella

Patrick Reidy

Erin Richardson

and Tiffany Springle!

Consider this show the sake-bomb of your weekend! Enjoy!

Mentions: Show 7:30pm ET. Tickets HERE. Prices $7 livestream, $12 in-person. Location: Squirrel Theater @Under St. Marks: 94 St Marks, Place, New York, NY 10009. Follow The Squirrel. Feed the beast. Don’t confuse the two.