Quick Dish NY: TOMORROW Y2PLAY Musical Comedy Show at Caveat on LES

Won’t you come out and Y2PLAY TOMORROW at New York’s nerd-friendly speakeasy, Caveat? I sure hope so, because Bill & Theresa Present: Y2PLAY Live! will feature legendary pop duo Bill & Theresa LeBeau (Derek Blythe and Kathryn Margaret Rose) bringing you a night of original songs, choreography, and over 30 characters, all performed by Blythe and Rose. This of course means all the best music of Y2K 1999, which you surely can’t resist! By the end of the evening, “you’ll swear you went back in time!” Now that’s one heck of a promise! Do yourself a solid and slide into the weekend like you jumped into a time warp. Enjoy!

Mentions: Show 7pm ET. In-person and livestream tickets HERE. Location: Caveat on LES, 21a Clinton Street, Manhattan. This show is produced by Jesse Roth. Feed the beast.