Quick Dish Online: Spend Valentine’s Day in ‘Dimension 5’ with MST3K’S The Mads

THE MADS ARE BACK for V-Day, and this time Mystery Science Theater 3000 stars Trace Beaulieu and Frank Conniff will be live-riffing on the 1966 James Bond knock off known as DIMENSION 5. The science fiction/espionage film, written by Arthur C. Pierce and directed by Franklin Adreon, features Jeffrey Hunter and France Nuyen as time-traveling secret agents who use a time-travel belt to thwart Chinese operatives who are attempting to import the materials to make an atomic bomb to Los Angeles. Good grief! It’s almost as crazy as having to shoot down a spy balloon with an air-to-air missile over The Carolinas! You won’t miss a single second of this hilarious show. You may also stick around for the post-show Q&A with The Mads and VERY SPECIAL guest. Also, if you join live you have a chance to win a 12″x18″ poster print commemorating the event (featuring original artwork by Carmen Cerra)! This poster will go on sale the night of the event! More poster prints are available to purchase at Dumb Industries. Now watch out for those owl-shaped incense burners because I hear they pack a punch. Enjoy!

Mentions: Show 8pm EST. Tickets HERE. Location: Online. Mads merch THERE. Follow Dumb Industries. Feed the beast.