Quick Dish NY: SAVAGE Comedy Show TOMORROW 5.3 at Logan’s Run

My vote for best “outfits” of the Met Ball were the Choupette (the late Lagerfeld’s Birman cat) inspired/ themed designs of Doja Cat and Jared Leto. Meow!!!! No hair balls were had, I’m sure. Shifting to a whole different experience, saunter on over to SAVAGE Comedy TOMORROW at Logan’s Run where the laughs will be a flowing (probably at fashions’ expense). Your hosts Lizzie Martinez (The Onion) and Melissa Rocha (Vulture) will be welcoming this red carpet worthy lineup:

Natasha Vaynblat (Fallon, Comedy Central)

Nick Naney (Chris Gethard Presents)

Electra Telesford (Standup NBC)

Matt Benjamin (New York Comedy Club)

and Grace Piotrowski (Chicago)!

Be sure to RSVP for free drink giveaways so you can enjoy any SAVAGE comedy fashion takedowns that SHOULD occur. Enjoy!

Mentions: Show 8pm PT. FREE!!! Location: Logan’s Run | 375a 5th Ave, Brooklyn. Follow the show. Feed the beast.