Quick Dish NY: NEW Half Hours from Nico Carney and Conor Janda TONIGHT at Littlefield

This very evening join Nico Carney and Conor Janda as they present their NEW HALF HOURS. The entertainers co-host the monthly show BOY’S CLUB at Club Cumming (something we have reminded of you before, cough, cough) and were recently featured in Vulture for their podcast of the same name. Janda and Carney have both been featured on Comedy Central, and Carney was featured on Netflix. Did we mention Auguste White will also take the stage? Don’t miss this chance to catch them before they ALL go viral. Enjoy!

Mentions: Doors 7pm, Show 8pm EDT. Ticket info HERE. Littlefield | 635 Sackett Street Brooklyn, NY 11217. Give Nico and Conor a FOLLOW. Check out Boy’s Club, for no particular reason. Feed the algo.