Quick Dish NY: The Saga of the Shining Emblem Chapter VII 8.30 Brick Aux

The unbelievable adventure story where YOU are the hero continues this Wednesday, August 30th at Brick Aux! In the Age of Ancients the world was unformed, shrouded by fog. A land of gray crags, Archtrees and Everlasting Dragons. Into this world, Light was born, brought forth by a glorious and golden emblem that shined with the light of a thousand suns. But with this light, darkness too was born. Thus began the ageless struggle between light and dark. It is said that into each generation, a champion of light is born. One who can take up the Emblem and banish the darkness once again. The time of champions has come again. The hero has been born and that hero….IS YOU!

The Saga of the Shining Emblem is the greatest story ever told! Each performance, an audience member is chosen to be the hero of their own grand adventure. One actor plays both narrator and every character encountered on their quest. Their mission: to seek the Shining Emblem, an object of unimaginable power! How achieve that power is totally up to them! Everyone has their own journey. The real question is, will you save the world or join with the darkness? Did we mention this is all set to a live score?! The plot thickens! Come join the Summer of Themes where adventure is always on the menu!

Mentions: Show 8pm ET. Tickets HERE. Location: Brick Aux | 628 Metropolitan Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11211.  Follow the show. Feed the algo.