Quick Dish NY: KWEENDOM Comedy 2.16 at Pete’s Candy Store

Did you know that the zebra finch appears to store the neuronal firing pattern of song production during the day and reads it out at night, rehearsing the song and, perhaps, improvising variations? Did you also know that there’s been actual research done in assessing the relation of chocolate-consumption frequency to self-rated interest in sex? These two studies are completely unrelated. Also, scientists have way too much time on their hands.

And now for something completely different… TONIGHT is KWEENDOM, folks! Now that both the Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day are over, you are probably looking to fill that entertainment void on a Friday Night. Come out to Pete’s Candy Store for what TimeOUT calls a “consistently dope” show. TONIGHT’S lineup with include LGBT+-friendly performers:

Bailey Pope (Fun Gutter)
Poppy J Snacks (Stonewall)
Kari Burt (SF Sketchfest)
Micah Eames (TED Talks)
Kevin Gilligan (Gotham Comedy Club)

hosted by Bobby Hankinson!

Stop reading studies and get out there!

Mentions: Show 7pm ET. FREE, reserve a spot HERE. Location: Pete’s Candy Store | 709 Lorimer St, Brooklyn, between Richardson and Frost, near the G and L trains. Give the show a FOLLOW. Feed the algo. You can bring Kweendom home with you in the new collection of essays, Welcome to Kweendom, available now.