Quick Dish NY: BlackOut! Fundraising Sketch Spectacular! 3.13 at Caveat + IndieGoGo Campaign

The BlackOut! Sketch Comedy troupe was selected to headline the Toronto Sketch Festival March 15th and 16th, and now they are asking you, the adoring public, to help them realize their dreams. New York City’s realest, rawest comedy sketch review show features performers from Comedy Central, HBO, Upright Citizens Brigade, CBS, and Second City, committed to making audiences laugh heartily. BlackOut! is the first-of-its-kind live show that’s part sketch, part sitcom, and ALL fun! It features a collection of traditional sketches, comedic advertisements, and character bits, each highlighting different slice of The Culture. BlackOut! will embark on their inaugural international tour with the following game plan in mind:

  • Headline the Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival
  • Bring a 7-person, ALL-POC ensemble to Canada for professional and networking development
  • When that stretch goal is reached, invest in streaming infrastructure to continue to bring comedy to the world

Your IndieGogo support will fund production expenses for Blackout!, as well as touring expenses.

In addition to this campaign, there will be a one-night-only, LIVE Fundraising Sketch Spectacular (in-person & streaming) at Caveat March 13th (in partnership with Diverse Arts Now). The cast of BlackOut! includes Aaron LaRoche, Alexis Braxton, Jeffrey Elizabeth Copeland, Jonathan Ross, Justin Catchens, Kalynn Chambers, and Kristen Gonzalez. This VERY SPECIAL #BlackOut presentation will provide a further boost to get the team to Canada. Come check out the show, and help the team realize their Canadian poutine-drenched comedy dreams!

Mentions: IndieGogo campaign HERE. Show 9:30 – 10:30pm EDT. Tickets HERE ($18 in-person, $10 streaming). Location: Caveat | 21 A Clinton Street New York, NY 10002. Tickets to 3/15 & 3/16 Toronto BlackOut! show at the 2024 @tosketchfest! Feed the algo.