Video Licks: Brand New Vid from Colin O’Brien! This One’s Gone to the Dogs, Kids…

That BIG dog met it’s maker, and you live in the smallest apartment in the city. What you gonna do? Mitch’s Big Dead Dog Removal Services to the rescue! You had to go and get yourself a big ass dog, and now that big ass dog is dead and taking up space in your tiny studio apartment. No judgement. Mitch (played by Colin O’Brien) is super qualified in dealing with BIG problems, in fact he’s ready to give you the low down on just how qualified he is. Stuff those feelings deep down and stare reality in the face. Call Mitch stat! You’ll be glad you did.

Written/Edited/Produced by Colin O’Brien, Directed by Erik Endsley with CAST: Mitch – Colin O’Brien, Big Dog Owner – Katie Sicking, and Small Dog Owner – Erik Endsley.

Now get outta here!

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