Tasty News: Andy Peter’s ‘Exclamation Mark Question Point’ is Out TODAY

!? is the debut album for comedian Andy Peters. The stand-up album was recorded on one night in the spring of 2014 at LA’s The Virgil. The album features Andy’s high energy performance along with some choice interruptions. It demonstrates what an actual night of live comedy in an intimate setting is like. CleftClips, known for their work on The Super Serious Show and Hot Tub with Kurt & Kristen, produced this album (their first). AST Records is releasing the album today. If you don’t snatch it up you are missing out on a truly spectacular audio experience.

Mentions: Buy the album HERE. The album artwork was designed by Garrett Ross. Album photography was provided by Mandee Johnson. The album was mixed by Cyrus Starwars Ghahremäni. The vinyl album includes a free digital download.