You know him from Raising Arizona, Moonstruck, Honeymoon in Vegas, Face/Off, National Treasure, Ghost Rider, Kick-Ass and so much more. The king of cinema and memes is taking Valentine’s Day by the heart this Saturday at UCB Sunset with a singles party to blow all others out of the steamy water. The exclusive Happy Nic Cagentine’s Singles Party will gather the hottest LA singles (YOU), Nic Cage (Kenny Stevenson), and his celebrity friends to celebrate the holiday, share show biz stories, and indulge in a little industry gossip. The guests for the evening include

Will Hines
Marshall Givens
Joe Saunders
David Phillips
Dorien Davies
Emily Maya Mills
Gilli Nissim
Kristen Rozanski


Your date will either love you or hate you by night’s end, but they are guaranteed to laugh.

Mentions: Show 10:30pm. Buy tickets for Cagentine’s Singles Party HERE. UCB Sunset is located at 5419 W Sunset Bl., LA.