The Experiment Comedy

Le purrrrr. Le pant. Mon ami, we are “feline” great about this comedy show. Those cats over at The Experiment Comedy will be offering up the second ever edition of Meow! No, it’s not a club Stefon just discovered. Meow! is a FREE standup show happening MONDAY, APRIL 13TH at the HAM & EGGS TAVERN in Downtown LA. Chelsea Skidmore and Sid Singh will bring the night to life with your favorite and soon-to-be-favorite comedians. This lineup is just ready to pounce

Angel Marti Castillo
Camilla Cleese
Andrew Michaan
Steven Randolph
Zach Sims
Cat Ventura

Did we mention it’s FREE? Wheeeee! The hairballs are not included.

Mentions: Show 8pm. FREE!!! Ham & Eggs Tavern is located at 433 West 8th Street, Los Angeles. No, Dr. Seuss will not be there.