Dad Talk

Hey kids, Father’s Day is just days away. Yes, you totally forgot again, but it’s not too late to get Dad something great. Why not take pops to a comedy show by dads and for dads. Yes, I just saved your ass. This Friday, the dad friendly monologue jokes will be flowing and the dad approved guests will be in abundance at DAD TALK. Your paternal casts in this “talk show for dads” includes

Drew Tarver
Carl Tart
David Brown
Matt Manser
Michael Busch
Katie Willert
Kristen Henley
David Kantrowitz
Natalie Palamides
Jamie Hitchcock

Written by
Joey Clift (Local Business)
Katie Willert (Muddleberry)
Matt Manser (Bonafide)

Plus house band
Cody MacKenzie
Luke Burba

Let the awkward hugs begin!

Mentions: Show 11:59pm. Buy Dad Talk tickets HERE. UCB Franklin is located at 5919 Franklin Ave., LA. Poster by David Kantrowitz.