Tasty News: ‘Why? with Hannibal Buress’ Premieres Tonight 7.8 on Comedy Central

Why? show

All your questions will be answered TONIGHT. Scratch that. The man that makes dentistry palatable on Broad City, HANNIBAL BURESS, brings you his own unique brand of information dissemination this very eve. Every episode will take a bite out of topical issues with sketches, man-on-the-street interviews, special guests, and stand-up. To add to the feeding frenzy, the whole thing is taped in front of a studio audience. If there are answers to be acquired, Hannibal’s your man! Watch Why? with Hannibal Buress TONIGHT on Comedy Central! While you wait, catch this Daily Show audition by your new Why? host.

Mentions: Watch Why? with Hannibal Buress starting tonight at 10:30/9:30C on Comedy Central.