Tasty News: Sean Patton & Baron Vaughn hit “The Half Hour”

It’s that time again, kiddies. All new episodes of The Half Hour hit Comedy Central tonight. This week’s comedians are some of my all-time faves. Sure I have a lot of favorites. However, I’d totally hang with these dudes. BFFs 4ever! Louisiana native Sean Patton uses his devilishly sweet wit to explore pretty much any topic under the sun. You can watch him put his talents to good use in this teaser where he riffs about Rush Week.


The super smooth Baron Vaughn is just a complete delight. He’s got the moves, he’s got the voice, and he’ll just dazzle you with his impressions. Check out this little teaser in which Baron discusses that state we all desire, sleep.

Mentions: The fun starts 12a/11c on Comedy Central.