Tasty News: Contribute to Adam Murray’s Indiegogo-Funded Short Film, JO & THE PIRATES

Adam Murray

Do you get nostalgic when you think about films like The Goonies, Monster Squad, Gremlins, and E.T.? Would you be willing to smack down some bitcoin for a feature presentation that includes space pirates? Well, my friend, you are in luck! The creators of epic digital gems like Night of The Creature, The Whispers in The Walls, Nebulas, Sexy Robot, Stomping Ground, Gushers Lawyer, Rockin’ Rangers, The Destruction Room, and Jurassic World: Hybrid Dinosaur would like YOU to contribute to their exciting Indiegogo project. With your help those dudes we just mentioned, ADAM MURRAY and ISAAC RUTH, would like to bring you JO & THE PIRATES, a tale of a fourteen year old tomboy mired with childhood woes who is teleported to a spaceship full of intergalactic pirates. Sounds compelling, right? The short will feature FIONA PERRY as Jo (The Birthday Boys, Porcelain Unicorn, Funny or Die Presents), JONAH RAY as Jo’s brother Kyle (The Meltdown, Nerdist pod, Maron, Drunk History), SHANE CAMBRIA as Jo’s BFF Corey (Jimmy Kimmel), ALEXIS QUASARANO and MARY NEELY as Jo’s foster sisters, STEFANIE WOODBURN as space pirate captain Lucia Hax, and PHIL NIETO (Second City Hollywood) as a valued member of the space pirate crew. If that wasn’t enough to entice you, backers will receive rewards like stickers, mugs, posters, art, props from the film, a SIGNED COPY of the script and more! Let’s make this adventure happen! The campaign ends in 40 days. Watch this promo while you empty out your pockets:

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